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"I've been a huge fan of Biff's BBQ sauce for years, it never disappoints.

Now that I've tasted the Hot & Spicy it's going to be tough to decide which one

to grill with. The Original has a wonderful, savory flavor while the Hot & Spicy

is equally superb with an amazing, mildly hot after taste. I'd recommend having both

on hand for the grilling season and beyond"

John - Spokane, WA

"Biff's BBQ is the most savory BBQ sauce I have tasted in a very long time. I am hooked. Being vegetarian I am picky about the food I eat. I would recommend Biff's to anyone who appreciates quality sauce. Keep up the good work Biff."

Rebecca Roberts - Olympia, Washington

"Recently our family had a reunion in Omak, WA. I took along my portable grill and a jar of Biff's Blue Ribbon. I grilled up some pork ribs and topped them off with Biff's Blue Ribbon. The consensus was that Biff's was the best BBQ sauce that they have ever tasted."

Steven Jackson - Seattle, Washington

"The day we met Biff, was the day I became a fan of BBQ sauce! Amazing flavor added to meals for my entire family to enjoy. My house will never be without it again! There is no comparison for us, Biff's sauce is all we need!"

Kristen - Oldtown, ID

Biff's BBQ Sauce

Pacific Northwest based BBQ sauce inspired by a love of cooking and grilling. Handcrafted, quality sauces for grill masters and their loved ones! 

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